Samsung Corporate Display Solutions

Build Smarter Connections

Collaboration is the foundation of business success. Employ- ees need powerful and flexible channels to exchange infor- mation, identify opportunities and respond to threats…and ultimately fuel overall growth.
Samsung Electronics understands these needs, and offers a complete lineup of office-ready displays that enhance im- pactful collaboration in any environment. From our Samsung Flip interactive digital flip chart to our QBH-TR Series elec- tronic whiteboards, our customizable technologies accommo- date any industry or setting. Samsung’s displays transform any office location into a fully-equipped collaborative space, all without the frustrations that can accompany the modern meeting.

Samsung’s LED SMART Signage helps facilitators overcome the disengagement and delays that can impede successful collaboration. The displays’ detail-rich picture upholds clear and legible visuals, and participants can introduce static and video content to inspire new ideas. Additionally, these LED displays activate instantly to allow meetings to start on time.

With both standard and curved models available, Samsung’s professional monitors empower seamless multitasking and uninterrupted communication. A crystal-clear picture ensures complete data visibility and detail representation, delivering benefits for professions ranging from financial management to graphic design. Additionally, video confer- ence participants appear with lifelike realism for improved team camaraderie.

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