Honeywell’s Xenon healthcare scanner has long been the choice
for best-in-class healthcare organizations looking to improve
patient safety while enhancing clinician productivity. Now, the
next-generation Enhanced Xenon 1900h adds new functionality
specifically requested by clinicians to further enhance patient
comfort and improve common clinician workflows.
As a wired scanner, the Enhanced Xenon 1900h is ideal for fixed
applications that require direct connection to a workstation or
laptop. For applications requiring additional flexibility and freedom
of movement, the Enhanced Xenon 1902h wireless healthcare
scanner is also available.
Setting the high watermark for scanning performance, the
Enhanced Xenon 1900h utilizes Honeywell’s sixth-generation
Adaptus™ area-imaging technology for incredibly responsive
reading of virtually all 1D, PDF, and 2D bar codes—even
challenging high-density, low contrast, translucent or damaged
codes. ColorFusion™ technology adds color imaging, allowing the
scanner to read color bar codes that are becoming more prevalent
in healthcare environments.
To enhance patient comfort while maintaining clinician productivity,
the Enhanced Xenon 1900h can be quickly toggled into Patient
Do-Not-Disturb mode. When in this mode, audible feedback is
disabled and replaced by additional visual display options that
provide positive status indication to the clinician.The Enhanced Xenon 1900h is enclosed in a disinfectant-ready
housing which resists the harmful effects of harsh cleaning agents
commonly used in healthcare environments and minimizes the
spread of infectious diseases. Backed by a five-year warranty, the
Enhanced Xenon family is built to deliver years of uninterrupted
performance in challenging healthcare environments.