Pagepro 1500

  • Compact & Lightweight

    With a footprint of 368 (W) x 360 (D) mm, and standing just 183 mm high, the pagepro 1500W is small enough to be installed unobtrusively on the desktop. And weighing in at just 6.7 kg means that moving it when necessary is a quick and easy task.

  • Bypass Tray and Straight-through Paper Path

    The single bypass tray combined with a straight-through paper path allows you to print on a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses, including envelopes and labels. What’s more, the direct paper path means your output remains flat with minimal curling.

  • Convenient Front Access

    Paper replenishment and toner cartridge replacement has been made as quick and simple as possible with convenient front access to the internal paper tray, the bypass tray, and the toner cartridge. And thanks to the generous 250-sheet capacity of the paper tray, you will spend less time replenishing paper and more time getting work done.

  • Low-Power Deep Sleep Mode with Quick Warm-up Time

    When not in use, the pagepro 1500W consumes just 0.8W of electricity in Deep Sleep Mode. Yet when it is woken with a print job, it takes just 7 seconds to warm up and start printing.

  • Economic Consumables

    Running costs are minimized with economic consumables. The toner cartridge and Imaging Unit are individually replaceable, and a Toner Save Mode reduces toner use when printing everyday documents for internal office use. The N-in-1 printer driver feature allows you to save on both paper and toner by printing 2,4,9,16 or 25 pages per A4 sheet.

  • High Quality Printing by HQ1200 Mode

  • With a print resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi in HQ1200 Mode, your documents will come out looking crisp and professional, with sharp text, detailed graphics and fine gradations.

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